Kitchen Remodeling Trends That Will Never Go Out Of Style

Kitchen Remodeling Trends That Will Never Go Out Of Style

Do you want to try out a new kitchen design you’ve seen on the internet? Before jumping on the bandwagon, remember that the next six months will likely bring a new trend. By then, you may regret your avocado-green refrigerator or your 80s-inspired wallpaper.

Of course, not all kitchen trends are short-lived. Some designs have transcended time and remain classic no matter the year. Consider incorporating one of these evergreen trends if you plan a small kitchen remodel or a full-blown kitchen renovation.

Create More Workspace:

The 2022 kitchen trends focus on creating more space in small kitchens. If your kitchen feels cramped and cluttered, it’s time to make a change. Adding an island or a peninsula can give you extra workspace. If that’s not an option, try installing floating shelves or open shelving. Open shelves are ideal for small kitchens since they don’t take up any precious floor space.

These small changes can hugely impact your kitchen’s looks and feels.

Update the Backsplash:

We all deal with the traumatic oil splashes and pasta sauce stains on our backsplashes. But that doesn’t mean we have to live with them forever. Adding a new backsplash is a quick and easy way to update the look of your kitchen. According to the 2022 kitchen trends, neutral color schemes with straight and simple lines are in. So, if your backsplash looks a little dated, consider replacing it with something more modern.

Install New Cabinet Hardware for a Fresh Look:

Kitchen cabinet trends change with seasons. There’s always something new, from all-white cabinets to two-toned cabinets. But if you’re not yet ready to try a fresher color palette, go lowkey and switch out your cabinet knobs and pulls for something new. It is one of the easiest kitchen cabinet trends to try.

Paint the Walls in a Bright Color for Personality and Contrast:

Colors have a psychological effect on people. They can make you feel happy, relaxed, or even hungry! When painting your kitchen walls, go with a color that you love that will make the space feel lively. For a small kitchen remodel, try a bright color like yellow or subtle grays to add personality and contrast. But if you’re following the 2022 kitchen trends, green is the way to go!

Update Your Faucets:

Brass and copper are making a comeback in kitchen design; if you’re looking for a small change that will make a significant impact, update your faucets! These kitchen trends are not only stylish, but they’re also practical. Brass is easy to clean and enhances your kitchen’s look. Plus, now there are various styles like touchless faucets, wheel knobs, and pull-down levers that will go well with your new kitchen design.


Finalizing a new kitchen design can be tricky. There’s much to consider, like the layout, color scheme, and appliances. But a professional kitchen remodeler can pull it together for you and create a stylish and functional kitchen.

With these 2022 kitchen trends in mind, get in touch with Elite Custom Painting and Remodeling, serving Fairfax Station. Whether you’re interested in a small kitchen remodel project or want to try one of the leading kitchen cabinet trends, our experts can handle it all.

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