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At Elite Custom Painting and Remodeling, we understand the importance of quality, service, and Professionalism. A fresh interior or exterior paint job can reinvigorate any room. A bathroom or kitchen remodel can significantly enhance your living experience. Our goal is to bring beauty and style into your everyday life, without the stress or headache that usually comes with a project. If you’re considering an update, or thinking about selling or renting out your home or business, a great paint job or remodel can make all the difference.


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Hiring an Inexperienced
Contractor to Work on Your Home
or Office is Asking for Trouble.
Watching Your Expensive
Property Go from Drab to
Further Drab Is Traumatizing,
to Say the Least!

Why Risk Ruining Your Property When You Can
Hire the Best Contractor in Virginia?

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Enhance & Reinvigorate Your Home or Workplace with Outstanding Painting or
Elite Custom Painting and Remodeling Will Not Only Improve Your Property But Also Boost Its Value!


Enjoy Terrific Results
with Minimal Hassle

Attain your home-improvement objectives without the usual stress or headaches.


Get Top Dollar for
Your Space

Considering selling or renting out your home or business? A great paint job or remodel can make all the difference.



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Get Quick

We pride ourselves on completing every job on time and on budget.


100% Satisfaction

Delighting you is our top priority for every project.

An Outdated Home or Office Can Affect Your
Business and Your Reputation in the Neighborhood.
We’ve Transformed Many Homes and Businesses
in Virginia – Your Property Can Be Our Next
Success Story!


We’ve been in the business for 20 years.


We’re the most trusted painting and remodeling company in Virginia.


We’re available throughout
the year, seven days a

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Request a free quote through our website. We will get all the required details and promptly provide you with a quote.



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Enjoy the appreciation and attention your property gets after we are finished.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    A: We perform various tasks before starting actual painting. The preparatory work includes washing, scraping, sanding, caulking & sealing, and rust removal.

    A: We carry out basic carpentry repairs commonly included in painting jobs.
    For example, removing and replacing rotten window trim, door casing/trim,  siding boards, etc.
    A: Most businesses can remain open for most of the remodeling process, but several factors influence it. A company might be shut down due to continuous loud noises or power and water outages. We schedule our work around our clients' normal operations to minimize disruption to their usual business activities.
    A: We will closely coordinate with you while you prepare your staff. They should know the timelines of various stages of the project, and their work  should be planned accordingly to ensure the least disruption.

    A Professional Remodel or Paint Job
    Pays for Itself.
    Leave it to Us to Transform Your Property While You Sit Back and Enjoy the Returns!